From Principal Desk

“Law is the king of kings, for more powerful than they are. Nothing can be mightier than the law by whose aid as that of the highest monarch, the weak may prevail over the strong“.

Brihadaranyak Opanishad

It is my proud privilege to write few words from the desk of the Principal of one of the oldest and premier Law Colleges of North- East India which has completed 52 years of its glorious success stories in disseminating legal education since 1969. With the commendable and selfless efforts of great educationalist Late Golap Ch. Choudhury and his companion, this College was established in the heart of Guwahati City. The history of the College admires that many of the High Court and Supreme Court Judges, Judicial Officers of subordinate Courts and prominent Lawyers are alumni of this College.

In the words of Swami Vivekananda Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man. This perfection demands development in many dimensions viz physical, intellectual and moral. Thus, in the same tune J. B. Law College is committed to imbibe the values, habits, knowledge and skills amongst the students in order to make them one of the best professionals in Law.

Law is a professional course where students of diverse background enrol themselves to become an advocate. Law is equally interesting for a student coming from different discipline because legal learning requires a variety of experience and a thirst to enquire or explore. Legal learning is an intellectually stimulating exercise where the society itself is a laboratory.

The aim of all education is primarily empowerment and legal education is not an exception. It enables a student to lead their life independently subject to his own aspirations and competence. Padmabhusan Prof (Dr.) N. R. Madhava Menon had opined in a lecture that “Law is as large as life itself. It is the civilizational gift to the future generations for being able to live orderly and achieve progress.” In regard to the dispensation of Law teaching in India, half a century back the main purpose was not the teaching of Law as branch of learning or as a science. It was simply to impart knowledge of black letter of law to students in order to enable them to enter the legal practice exclusively for local needs. But gradually the perception has been changed not only in process of reform in law, but also in legal education. In the everyday changing and transforming globalised world, there is constantly increasing demand for skilled legal professionals in various fields of law, both traditional and emerging challenges. The solution to such challenges is the integrated interdisciplinary legal learning in order to meet up the complex system of governance.

J. B. Law College is providing integrated 5 Year B.A.LL.B.(H), 3 Year LL.B./LL.B.(H) and 2 Year Masters in Law (LL.M) courses with a very conducive and vibrant academic environment. The College is enriched with qualified faculty members who guides the students with positive support and enthusiasm to become a good professional in Law. They are committed to achieve excellence in their teaching by optimum utilization of all resources available within the campus. The management authority of the College is always aimed at expanding the horizons of all reasonable comforts and amenities to students as well as faculty members for imparting the quality legal education.

 I wish that our students as legal professionals will undertake diverse tasks like Solicitors, Legal Translators, Prosecutors, Deed Writers, Law drafters, Social Workers and Counsellors, Arbitrators, Executives in Legal Process Outsourcing chambers, Court-Media Reporters, Judicial Officers or Judges etc.

From the Chair of Principal, I would like to welcome all the budding Lawyers to this prestigious Law College to join us in the J.B. Law College family. I sincerely appeal to all the respected Alumni of this College to come forward with their valuable and positive suggestions to make this College an institution of legal excellence, in spirit.

At last but not the least, this College wish to impart high quality training and nurture highly competent legal professionals and to meet with the emerging challenges of the present day competing world.

                                                                                   Dr. Malabika Talukdar


                                                                                J. B. Law College, Guwahati.