November 7, 2017




a)Identity Card : Every student is issued an Identity Card at the time of admission. The Card which is non-transferable contains information about the holder, such as name and address, session, Class, Roll No., etc. It also contains a passport size photograph of the student endorsed by the Principal. It is essential for every student to carry the Identity Card with him/her so that it can be produced wherever necessary.

b)Attendance : Attendance of classes is strictly compulsory. A student must attend not less than 70% of lectures. The students whose class attendance fall below 65% will forfeit all privileges of a student and will be considered as non-collegiate student as per university rules.

c)Examinations : Examinations are normally held according to the Academic Calendar for LL.B. courses Published by G.U. generally the examinations are held in the college campus.

d) Maintenance of Discipline Among Students : Great emphasis is laid on discipline and character building and students are expected to maintain a highest standard of discipline and shall abide by the Disciplinary Rules of the College mentioned bellow :

i) The courses of studies in J.B. Law College are full-time courses. No student can take any other fulltime course simultaneously.

ii) The student must observe complete silence in the college premises. They must maintain absolute silence in the college library where they are to spend their spare-time/ recess period without disturbing the works of other.

iii) The students must be punctual in attending their classes. Any deviation from this rule by the student will be intimated to their parents/guardians.

iv) Students Society and Associations shall be subject to such rules and regulations as the college administration may prescribe from time to time.

v) Any notice desired to be pasted or circulated by the student any where in the college premises will need prior approval of the college authority.

vi) Habitual un-punctuality, immoral and indecent act., violence of any kind, disobedience to college authority and teachers, damaging, defacing and destroying any college property, acts against public sanitation or any act calculated to cause public nuisance, disturbance of public tranquility, communal troubles or breach of public peace-are acts which attract punishment and disciplinary actions. Spitting inside the college campus is punishable.

vii) All powers of maintenance of discipline are vested with the head of the institution and his decision shall be final in all such matters.

viii) The college campus is a tobacco free zone and violators are liable to be punished.

ix) However, for gross indiscipline, compulsory transfer certificate may be issued by the authority.

x) Spitting inside the campus is an actionable offence.

xi) No student will be allowed to enter in to the college campus without college uniform except in some festivals.



To avoid variation in colour,design and dress material of the prescribed College Uniform,it has been decided thst the student must adhere to the following instruction

Dress material for the uniform including the blazer will be provided by the college at the time of the addmission. the 1st semester student have to purchase two sets of dress material during the addmission.he college Emblem will be provided at the tailoring units.Uniform must be tailored at the following unit.he student are to pay of the cost of the uniform at the time of addmission.

For Boys For Girls
5 year B.A.,LL.B.(Hons.) 5 year B.A.,LL.B.(Hons.)
White Shirt whith College Emblem Maroon Trouser Cream Color Kurta(Elbow sleve with college emblem) Maroon Paijama, Maroon Duptta
3 year LL.B. 3 year LL.B.
White Shirt whith College Emblem Deep Grey Trouser White Color Kurta (Elbow sleve with college emblem) White Paijama, Blue Tie & Die Jaipuri Dupatta
White Shirt whith College Emblem Black Trouser White Color Kurta (Elbow sleve with college emblem) Black Paijama, Black Dupatta

Students’ Union

The J.B. Law College Students’ Union is the general body of the students of the College. Its membership is compulsory for every student admitted to the College. The Office Bearers of the Union are elected annually according to the method of direct voting. The Union endeavours to foster and promote fraternity, mutual understanding and sense of responsibility among students. The students’ union organizes Games & Sports, Debates, Cultural and Social activities among the students in College Week organized annually and also take part in various competitions. Legal Aid and awareness Camps in underdeveloped rural areas of mixed population are arranged annually. Election to Students’ union is subject to the fulfillment of some of the Rules and Regulations regarding Election of students’ Union Body as per recommendations of the Lyngdoh Committee as accepted by the hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

1. Age Limit : 5 year B.A.LL.B (Hons) and 3 year LL.B. (Hons) maximum : 27 years on the date of filling nomination paper (including 5 years relaxation for professional course). For LL.M. Course maximum : 25 years on the date of filling nomination paper.

2. Arrear Subject : The candidate shall not have arrear papers in the previous semesters.

3. Final Semester Students : 10th Semester of 5 Year B.A.LL.B (Hons) and 6th Semester 3 year LL.B. students shall not be allowed to contest in the Election.

4. Number of attempt : The candidate who was previously elected as a member of the J.B. Law College Students’ Union Body shall not be allowed to contest in the Election.

5. Criminal Background : The candidate shall not have previous criminal record.

6. Posters, Pamphlets : No candidate shall be permitted to use any printed posters, pamphlets or any other printed materials. However, the candidates may use handmade posters in the specified places.

7. Procession, Public Meeting : No candidate shall be permitted to carry out any procession or public meetings inside as well as outside the College campus for the Election.

8. Destruction of College Property : No candidate shall be allowed deface or destroy any property of the College.

9. Fund for Election : Candidates are barred from utilizing funds from any political party/Parties.

10. Expenditure : The maximum permitted expenditure per candidate shall be limited to Rs. 5,000/-

11. Discipline : No candidate shall be allowed to deride and disrespect to any Professor and other office staff of the College during the process of Election.

12. Dispute regarding Election Matters : Any dispute relating to process of Election, the decision of the Election Committee shall be final and binding.

13. Doubt Regarding Election : In case of any doubt regarding Election, the candidates are directed to refer the same to the Election Committee of the College constituted for the purpose.

14. Attendance : The candidate shall have attained the minimum percentage of attendance of 75%.

Calender for the Session (July- December,2017)


Sl No.
Dare (s)
Day(s) of the week
No. of days
Independence Day
15 August
Tithi of Srimanta Sankardev
23 August
25 & 26 September
Monday & Tuesday
Tithi of Sri MadhabDev
10 September
1 3 September
1 st Sessional Examination
18-23 September
Durga Puja & Lakhsmi Puja
26 Sept. to 5 October
Tuesday to Thursday
Janmostav of Srimanta Sankardev
30 sept.
Birth day of Mahatma Gandhi
2 October
Kati Bihu
18 October
Kali Puja & Dewali
19 & 20 october
Thursday & Friday
Guru Nanak’s Birth Day
4 Novemeber
2nd Sessional Examination
23-30 November
Lachit Divas
24 November
Asom Divas (Sukafa Divas)
2 December
Christmas Day
25 December