November 7, 2017

From The Principal’s Desk


Greetings and Welcome  !!

We are about to embark on a voyage on the years of future legal study association, on a road less travelled. The Upanishads advise us, “If you have an hour to cut a tree, spend three quarters of that time sharpening your axe”. For most of the future years, at this college, we intend to use a welting stone.

We often wonder what prompts youngsters, who novices in contemporary as well as conventional law in making career decisions? How do they decide which college to opt for or for that matter would be the winning combination?

We are here to impart Law Education by the name and banner of the famous and prestigious law college Jnanadabhiram Borooah Law College, well known as JB Law College located at the heart of Guwahati City,at R.G.Baruah Road, beside the Anandaram Baruah Fly Over of the ancient Pragjyotishpur, the then capital of Assam. We started our legal education in the year 1969. This prestigious College, JB Law College, is the first Law College in the North-East assessed by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), an autonomous body of UGC and was awared Grade-B in the month of November, 2015, for its pursuits to the legal education.

Today, there is no activity of human life with which law is not concerned. JB Law College has produced many prominent Legal Luminaries as well as a galaxy of great distinguished teachers. The Eminent Educationist Late Golap Chandra Chowdhury adorned the prestigious seat of first Principal of this institution.

We take pride in sharing our deep seated desire with you which is that, we like to chart our own journey of excellence in legal studies. We do not follow conventions rather go our own way. No bench mark for us, we believe in creating our own bench marks. Today, from the seat of Principal, we welcome you to join our quest.

A ship, it is said, is safe in a harbour. But ships are not meant to be anchored in harbours! We offer you a vibrant, dynamic and intellectual environment on the campus. A vibrant environment is what you can look forward to, on the way to your goal. Our college strives at nurturing your potentials, unearthing your talents and providing ample opportunities to achieve legal knowledge.

Life is what we make it, always has been and always will be. What the coming next years have in store for you, is for you is to explore, enjoy and enrich the self. The college is often a mere catalyst.

As we march together, let us not forget that the marvellous richness of human experience would lose something of its rewarding joy if here were no limitations to overcome. Life’s battle is not assigned to the stronger or faster men; but sooner or later the man who wins, is the one who thinks he can. So, join us to find a way or make a way when we call upon our colleagues to Raise the Bar.

Join our mission on the path of Justice, Liberty and Equality.

In God we trust .

I look forward to meet you all at the JB Law College.

Bharadwaj Mrinal Choudhury